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Science Report on Spinosaurs Free Essays

DATE: January 24, 2013 NAME: Carl Kallies SCIENCE REPORT: Dinosaurs †Spinosaurus The Spinosaurus is my most loved of the considerable number of dinosaurs. It was put on the map in the film Jurassic Park 3, one of my preferred motion pictures. Researchers gauge Spinosaurus to be 40 to 56 feet or 12 to 17 meters from head to tail. We will compose a custom paper test on Science Report on Spinosaurs or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now Spinosaurus’ body looks a ton like that of T-Rex, however there are a few evident contrasts. Obviously, T-Rex didn’t convey that huge sail-like balances made of 6-foot spines. What's more, the front arms of the Spinosaurus are heavier and longer than T-Rex’s arms. A few researchers think this implies Spinosaurus utilized them for strolling, while others state these solid front arms could truly get it together on supper. The head of Spinosaurus was longer, increasingly tight, and not as intensely worked as that of T-Rex. Whoever named this monster wasn’t having the most imaginative day. Spinosaurus implies â€Å"spiny reptile. † There were huge spines reaching out from the vertebrae along its back. Furthermore, when I state huge, I mean they could grow up to 6 feet in length! Most specialists accept that the spines were secured with a layer of skin that occupied in the spaces between the spines, kind of the way webbing occupies in the spaces between the â€Å"toes† of a duck This made a sail-like blade that could have helped control body heat. A few analysts imagine that the sail could have been stretched out or fell at any rate somewhat. Maybe then the sail could be utilized to get some different dino’s consideration. Spinosaurus was found in 1912 by a German scientist. Ernst Stromer found the first and most complete example in Egypt. Tragically, this example was crushed during the shelling of Munich in WWII. No Spinosaurus since Stromer’s first find have been as finished. The long thin nose of Spinosaurus contained jaws brimming with strongly pointed teeth. Dissimilar to the steak blade serrations of T-rex teeth, Spinosaurus teeth were smooth and round. On account of the similarity to the nibble of crocodiles, where the upper teeth of the Spinosaurus interlock with the lower teeth, researchers think Spinosaurus may have had an eating regimen comprising basically of fish. To add weight to the fish diet hypothesis, corrosive carved Fish scales have been found in Spinosaurus stomachs. While their bodies are all around adjusted for meat, their specific assortment may have been of the swimming sort. I feel that the Spinosaurus is perhaps the best dinosaur at any point found. Instructions to refer to Science Report on Spinosaurs, Papers

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Inventory and Fixed Assest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Stock and Fixed Assest - Essay Example Stock is arranged as a present resource to be decided sheet. Most assembling organizations have a lot of stock. That stock can go down in an incentive for different reasons including innovative advances. â€Å"Accounting Research Bulletin No. 43 (ARB No. 43) prompts a bookkeeping valuation strategy known as the lower of cost or market, or LCM† (Accountingcoach, 2011). In light of ARB No. 43 the word showcase alludes to the present substitution cost of the thing. An idea identified with the computation of lower of cost or market is net feasible worth (NRV). The net feasible worth is characterized as the normal value short the expense for fulfillment and removal. Another variable that must be considered in LCM figurings are the lower roof and upper roof. The upper roof is a similar sum as the NRV, while the lower roof is determined by taking away typical benefit from NRV. The representing lower cost or market requires explicit diary passages to record LCM. The two record account s utilized by bookkeepers are: Allowance to Reduce Inventory to LCM Loss from Reducing Inventory to LCM Take for instance an organization that had a stock with an expense of $70,000 and market estimation of $68,000. The diary section to record LCM is represented beneath: Loss from Reducing Inventory to LCM 2000 Allowance to Reduce Inventory to LCM 2000 Capitalizing enthusiasm on building development Interest are ordinarily ordered as a cost under typical bookkeeping rules dependent on the sound accounting standards (GAAP). A special case to the principles applies to intrigue related with development ventures. â€Å"ASC 835-20 expresses that foundations are required to underwrite the intrigue cost acquired during the obtaining procedure or development of the asset† (Patel, 2010). As intrigue gets promoted they become a piece of the verifiable cost of a benefit which accordingly should be deteriorated over the helpful existence of the advantage. FASB proclamation No. 34, Capita lization of Interest Costs, gives the rules that bookkeepers must follow so as to underwrite intrigue related with development of a structure or resource. Three conditions are essential for the capitalization of intrigue: 1. The passing consumptions must have just happened 2. The organization must be paying real intrigue 3. Exercises to set up the advantage must be now in progress (Young and Gowans, 2009). Consumptions that require money installment or different exchanges of benefits are viewed as qualifying uses. Stock that are produced on a standard premise don't meet all requirements for the capitalization of intrigue. Property that was given likewise doesn't meet all requirements for the capitalization of intrigue. The two techniques to register capitalization of intrigue are the weight normal and the particular strategy. There are cutoff points to the measure of intrigue that might be promoted. The general standard is that organizations can just underwrite enthusiasm up to the measure of the acquired enthusiasm during a bookkeeping period. â€Å"FASB No. 34 requires for each bookkeeping period revelation in the fiscal summaries or the notes of the aggregate sum of intrigue cost acquired and any measure of intrigue that was promoted in each bookkeeping period† (Young, et al., 2009). Recording increase or misfortune on resource removal

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How to Be Successful With Essay Topics

How to Be Successful With Essay TopicsThere are many possible essay topics for students to choose from. As an essay topic writer, you can help them select the most appropriate one that is suited to their needs. Of course, there are essay topics for every type of student including juniors, seniors, college students, and high school students. Keep in mind that your topics are meant to complement the content of the assigned reading.As an essay topic writer, you can assist your students in choosing essay topics. Since you may have heard of different topics, you may think about which one you would be able to write as well. You may want to choose a topic that is similar to the assigned text or the academic work. These are the types of topics that would give you more confidence to begin with your writing. That is why you need to consider the level of the student before you select any topic.It is important for you to understand that essay topics are supposed to help people learn about the su bject. In other words, they are there to help readers learn more about what they are reading. They will be able to see the author's point of view or the idea that he or she wants to express. An essay topic is not written so that it would allow the reader to be in a better mood. The truth is that this is not the purpose of a topic.A good reason why the author writes essays is because they do not know how to communicate their ideas. This is why the student should learn how to write essays before writing one. Of course, it is also up to the student if he or she wants to make an effort to learn how to write it as well.The great thing about essay topics is that they are interactive. Students get to experience the process of writing and reading. In fact, the process is more stimulating than writing journal entries or diary entries. They will also feel how it feels when they are actually reading an essay on a subject that they do not know very well.In fact, they will also realize that they have an opportunity to improve their writing skills. As an expert on essay topics, you have the option to write about any topic of your choice. However, you may want to use a subject that is similar to what your student would want to write about.One advantage is that the student will be more inclined to continue on learning. That is why you should think about writing an essay. If you want to encourage your student to write more papers or essays, you have to make him or her understand that he or she can be writing. You can tell him or her that doing so will give him or her an advantage over the rest of the students in the class.Or you can use the method of showing him or her that writing an essay is not that hard to do. Since they are already used to writing assignments, they may be tempted to do so. Of course, there are many ways to encourage students to learn to write essays. Make sure that you provide them with lots of ways on how to be successful in writing essays.

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Diversity in Universities Essay - 1137 Words

U.S. schools and colleges vary from numerous points of view. Some are open, others are independently employed individual; some are huge urban colleges, some are two-yr. group universities, others little rustic grounds. Some offer alumna and expert political stage, others point of convergence basically on undergrad instruction. Each of our more than 3, 000 schools and colleges has its particular and dissimilar mission. This aggregate differing qualities around organizations is one of the extraordinary strength of Americas higher instruction framework, and has helped make it the best in the people. Protecting that assorted qualities is key on the off chance that we plan to serve the needs of our just social order. â€Å"Diversity enriches the†¦show more content†¦These assorted vantage focuses work further bolstering your good fortune when you experience new issues in diverse settings and circumstances. â€Å"Rather than viewing the world through a single-focus lens, you are able to expand your views and consider multiple options when making decisions and weighing issues of, for example, morality and ethics.† (Hyman, Jeremy, and Lynn Jacobs.) â€Å"The American Council on Education (ACE) has a longstanding record of commitment to access to higher education for all qualified Americans and to the advancement of equal educational opportunity† (The Importance of Diversity in Higher Education) This dedication is considered in ACEs positions open strategy, its automatic exercises, and its livelihood polishes. It has been communicated over and over in resolutions by the ACE Board of Directors with respect to governmental policy regarding minorities in society, nondiscrimination, value, meet open door, and induction guidelines. The ACE is only one of the numerous aggregations that accept assorted qualities in universities. â€Å"The Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments tomorrow in Fisher v. University of Texas, a constitutional challenge to race-conscious admission policies at colleges and universities.† (Kerby, Sophia). In the event that the Court bars the utilization of race in inductions, it will eradicate 50 years of advancement and debilitate colleges endeavors to make school facilities more various and comprehensive. It will makeShow MoreRelatedDiversity And Diversity At Concordia University935 Words   |  4 Pagesskin, by our wealth, by our looks, and by the way we act. Diversity is having variety. Having people like who you are might make you feel included, but it also can make you feel excluded. Concordia University is such a diverse campus, we have international students to students that live a block away; from students that English was not their first language, and to students who grew up learning English. Concordia’s diversity is growing. Diversity can separate us, but as unique individuals, we are ableRead MoreDiversity Of Diversity Among Universities Nationwide970 Words   |  4 PagesDiversity refers to the range of ideas, beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, and many more within institutions, and social environments. There are believers who argue diversity benefits every party involved, and there are people who believe diversity serves no purpose to everyone involved. Because of these varying views, diversity among universities nationwide is a touching issue causing these universities to attempt to implement procedures to increase diversity on their campus. For example, Michigan awardedRead MoreThe Value Of Diversity At Washburn University1254 Words   |  6 Pages Washburn University has always been proud of having diversity since it first opened its doors to the public 151 years ago. If you are to look around campus many are able to see how much diversity is valued by the campus as a whole, they know everyone is different and each person has thei r own story to tell. If a university made it where no one is allowed to talk about where they came before and how they ended up where they are in life. what is the point of being proud of who you are? For me, itRead MoreDiversity And Sororities At University Of Miami1026 Words   |  5 Pages The total population of students in University of Miami is 10,615 undergraduate students, with a diversity of 55% ( 2,500 students are a part of Greek with 29 Greek Letter Organization ( There are nine sororities at University of Miami, which potential new member can rush sororities starting in spring of first year ( MoreIncreasing Diversity in University Campuses1140 Words   |  5 PagesMany universities in the United States are looking to increase the diversity on thei r campuses and increasing the international student population is an attractive way of doing so. These students add a layer of diversity to the residence halls, campus atmosphere, and classrooms. The mix of international students in classrooms can have a positive, and sometimes negative, impact on the student classroom experience. These students entering American classrooms can face challenges in their critical thinkingRead MoreSocioeconomic Diversity Of Colleges And Universities Essay1830 Words   |  8 Pagesstudent body. The purpose of colleges and universities is to provide students with the education and experience they need to succeed after graduating as well as expand their thoughts and perspectives. Thus, they must create and maintain a similar environment in which students will live and work in the future. Although diversity has been emphasized as a priority for many schools, socioeconomic diversity is often disregarded. However, socioeconomic diversity plays an important role in developing theRead MoreDiversity Within The Fresno Pacific University2550 Words   |  11 Pages Introduction Fresno Pacific University has undertaken the daunting task to develop a cohesive strategy in creating diversity within the Fresno Pacific University System. While the above is good, what about diversity within the university’s board of trustees, board members, administrative team, and professors? Has the university encouraged members of the minority race groups, ideology and religious beliefs to apply and have the same employment opportunities as people of the same race and religionRead MoreWhat Does Diversity Affect A College Or University?864 Words   |  4 PagesDo you know how diversity affects a college or university? Have you ever just wondered how diverse your college was? I have thought about his many times and think that Upike is a very diverse school. Upike is not only a great education provider but also a great example of diversity in central Appalachia because of the way this picture displays the enjoyment and happiness among students of different areas and idea s. Diversity, as defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary, is â€Å"The quality or stateRead MoreIssues of Diversity and Commercialization in US College and University Campuses2055 Words   |  8 Pagesheartaches / And all of our poor selfish grief / Could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door / and never put on again (Louisa Fletcher) Introduction Unfortunately, notwithstanding poet Louisa Fletchers desire to start over, colleges and universities in the United States will not at any time soon access the Land of Beginning Again. Those institutions must enact meaningful change transitions from where they exist today, and there is much change that is needed. To wit, innovator and strategicRead MoreDiversity Role Written Assignment : A Day At My Life. Texas State University1385 Words   |  6 Pages Diversity Role Written Assignment A Day in My Life Texas State University COMM 1310: Fundamentals of Human Communication Kristal Jackson â€Æ' My name is Brenda Johnson, and I am an obese American woman. I usually can guess that when people see me, they are already assuming differences in my life compared to theirs. In some ways they are right, but also in many they are wrong. Today, more than two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese (Ogden at al., 2014). Of those two-third adults

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Business Strategy An Introduction

Question: Discuss about the Business Strategy for An Introduction. Answer: Introduction The main aim of any business is to earn profits by selling its products. This is only possible when the products satisfy the needs of the buyers. It is not sufficient for the company to know the needs of its target customers. The enterprise should also have the capability to acquire and manage efficiently the resources needed to produce such products. This is why the organization needs to have a proper operations strategy which enables it to produce quality products at reasonable costs to the company so that it can make a profit. Ford Motors is one such company which has become a leader in the automobile industry largely due to the efficient management of its operations. Ford Motors strategy to compete within its business area Ford Motors is one of the leading automobile manufacturers of the world selling its products in United States of America, Europe and Asia (Ford Motor Company, 2016). The company faces tough challenge from its competitors like General Motors, Toyota, etc. Almost fifty percent of the companys revenues come from United States Of America. The Company would therefore continue to focus on meeting the needs of its customers in this country by providing more innovative and wide variety of products. The company would manage its operations efficiently to meet the demand of its customers in time. Further the company would try to cut costs to increase its profitability by employing technology in managing its operations. Quality control would be a top priority for the company. Operations strategy formulation in Ford Motors Operations management is concerned with managing the change of an organizations inputs into finished goods using different processes and systems within the firm. Operations strategy is about determining the plan of action that the company would adopt to make products that are desired by its customers in an optimum way with minimum costs to the company and at the same time not compromising on the quality of the products (Slack, Chambers and Johnston, 2010). The objective of the firm is to maintain continuity in production to meet the quantity demanded by the customers. The first stage in the operations strategy process is the operations strategy formulation. There are different areas in the operations strategy formulation like enterprise resource planning, identifying process activities, inventory management, quality controls, supply chain management, project management, plant capacity management, etc. A business organization while formulating its operations strategy has to take into consideration what kind of products it wants to make and for what kind of customers. Ford Motor Company makes cars, trucks and small utility vehicles for its customers in United States of America, Europe and Asia. In order to meet the demand of its customers all over the world the company has established factories in different countries. The company has set up modern, technologically advanced plants where quality automobiles which are more fuel efficient, safe and which make lesser carbon emissions are made (Ford Motor Company, 2016). Although the company had to put lot of money in the construction of these plants, these assets have helped the company make p roducts which have significant market shares across the world. Ford Motor Company has been following the lean production system to optimize the flow of production and materials to get the firms products to their customers with speed. This system has also led to energy savings and lesser use of resources in the production process. The company follows the assembly line production method which has led to increased production capacity. The company sources components from suppliers all over the world and has also resorted to backward integration by making automobile parts at its own facilities (Monizka et. al, 2016) .This is the right policy as there are many parts in an automobile and it is convenient and economical to source them from suppliers rather than produce all of them. This way the company can concentrate more on other areas of production. Ford Motors has been following standard procedures for maintaining quality of its products. The company performs random batch tests of its automobiles. The company has been constantly engaged in research and development to produce automobiles with more features and improved performance. Operations strategy implementation in Ford Motors The operations strategy adopted by Ford Motors aims at improving the cost structure, raise the quality of the companys products and hasten the process of the development of innovative and more attractive products for its customers (Kourdi, 2015). One of the steps that Ford Motors has taken to reduce its costs is to reduce the number of its production platforms. The company adopted what is called the One Ford Plan. Under this plan the company has restructured its global operations. There was a time when the regional production centres of the company operated as individual business units. This was changed and uniform procedures and processes have been adopted at all global plants of the company. This policy is more efficient and has led to cost savings. The company has taken initiatives to develop a skilled and global workforce which is capable of working in different parts of the world (Mathis, Jackson and Valentine, 2016). The company has been providing different facilities to its employees like health care programs so that employees are fit enough leading to increased productivity. The company has a diverse workforce which is provided a safe environment where they can work with dignity. The employees of the company are one of the most important resources of the company. Ford Motors has over the years worked to train and develop suppliers with whom the company has developed healthy relationships. The company has tried to secure supplier commitment to control costs, improve quality and meet sustainability standards (Krajewski, Ritzman and Malhotra, 2013). The company has taken steps for the modernization of its production facilities over the years. There have been engineering feasibility studies and evaluations done by the company to constantly improve the production processes. The company has developed new engine transmission technologies, size and weight reductions, advanced powertrain optios, etc to meet the changing needs of the customers. Ford Motors has increased its product planning and design capabilities by setting up eight engineering research and development centres that work cooperating with one another. Operation strategy monitoring in Ford Motors It is very important to monitor the progress of the implementation of the operations strategy in a company (Slack, Chambers and Johnston, 2010). It is not enough to make plans if the things are not happening on the ground as desired. An organization has to put in place systems that can be used to monitor whether the predetermined strategy is being followed and what are the effects of that on the working and output of the organization. In Ford Motors scanners are used to monitor the delivery of automobile parts to the company by its suppliers. Further the company has put in place a logistics management system. An order taking software is used by the company. Technology is used in the company to keep track of how the different operations are taking place (Campbell, Edgar and Stonehouse, 2011). Ford Motors highly automated operations are controlled to a great extent by information technology. The assembly lines are managed using computers. This also helps in keeping record of operations and one can identify the location of an error if things go wrong. Further the company has also helped its dealer network adopt the use of information technology in its operations. This has led to speed, convenience and efficiency in operations. Ford motors employs automated scheduling in production facilities. The company has introduced short term and intermediate scheduling of processes and resources at its plants. This has helped to avoid wastage and interruptions in the production process. The chances of human error have been reduced considerably. The company has taken adequate steps for internal data collection and storage (Campbell, Stonehouse and Edgar, 2011). There are monthly, weekly and daily reports made relating to production performance. In case the company takes on a new project, the responsibility for the project is given to a team but the individuals in the team are also made accountable for completion of certain tasks and their performance is recorded and reported. Ford Motors follows the policy of carrying out its operations in a sustainable way (Ford Motor Company, 2016). In Ford Motors data is collected relating to the commodities being purchased by the company, the suppliers location, its training and audit history. Further representatives from Ford Motors are required to report any human right violation from the suppliers. Operations strategy control in Ford Motors The kind of organizational structure that a company has also determines to a significant extent the kind of control the firm would have on its operations. Ford Motors has divided its business all over the world into three geographical divisions only. This has helped the company in integrating its business strategies with lesser difficulty. Further the company has different functional groups within its organization like global manufacturing and labour affairs, quality and new model launch, finance, legal, etc. The organizational structure at Ford Motors suits traditional business management approaches that involve top to bottom control. Ford Motors has adopted Six Sigma a data driven approach which involves improving business processes by collecting data and analyzing it through the use of statistical tools. This approach aims at eliminating any defects in goods manufactured by the company. The use of this method has led to better control at Ford Motors. The company has adopted total quality management. This methodology is concerned with improving business processes leading to elimination of waste and lack of quality at different levels. This has helped in better quality control at the organization. Ford Motors organizes Global Pulse And Engagement Surveys to measure employee satisfaction. Accordingly the company takes steps for providing better facilities to its employees (Werner, Schuler and Jackson, 2012). Analysis of different business strategies that might be employed by Ford Motors Ford Motors has been making significant efforts over the years to develop its research and development facilities. The company has built the infrastructure and also a team of researchers, engineers and designers in its facilities. Not many companies can match this capability of Ford Motors. The company should continue to build innovative products for its markets all over the world. The company should follow this policy of differentiation to gain competitive advantage (Campbell, Edgar and Stonehouse, 2011). Secondly, Ford Motors should make deeper market penetration by selling more products to current customers. The company needs to make more efforts to attain efficiency in its operations through means like better processes and systems so that additional demand can be met in time and at greater convenience to the consumer. Thirdly, Ford Motors should make more efforts to develop more capable leaders in its organization. The executives in the organization should be given more training opportunities and exposure in different markets (Mathis, Jackson and Valentine, 2016). The company should pick the best people from different parts of the world and groom them to lead teams in different departments including production. The company should promote an environment where the employees are encouraged to learn new skills. Fourthly, the company should follow the strategy of adding to its list of suppliers so that the company does not remain dependent on the present number of suppliers. The aim of the company is to sell more products and this would mean increased demand for components and parts. The company should try to reduce its supplier risks by developing more suppliers by providing them training and other forms of support (Monizka, et al., 2016). Fifthly, Ford Motors should continue to find new methods for improving the quality of its products. The company should make more efforts to develop a more effective quality management program. Ensuring a good quality of its products should remain a top priority for the company. Operations management contributions to improving strategy at Ford Motors In any company production department plays a very important role because a major portion of the costs of the company are incurred in this department. Moreover the variety and quality of goods that are made by the production department also determine to a great extent the kind of revenues and profits the company is able to make. There was a time when the Ford Motors could capture the market for automobiles by producing cars at lower costs by employing the assembly line method of production and producing cars at mass scale. But as other companies also started using same production methods, lower costs were not enough and Ford Motors have been able to enjoy a significant market share because the production department of the company has been able to make innovative products and product differentiation has become a major weapon for the company to grow (Gong, 2013). Ford Motors has been using latest technologies like 3D printing to produce prototypes of new parts with speed and lower costs. The company has been making more use of digital technology in its cars in the construction of dashboards, entertainment systems in the cars (Ford Motor Company, 2016). The developments in the research and development facilities of the company have impacted the kind of product offerings the company has come up with. The ideas generated in the production department have given a direction to the whole company. Now the company has a vision for the future which it could not have imagined a few years ago (Ford Motor Company, 2016). The kinds of products and technologies that have been developed by the production department have shaped this vision. Ford Motors reduced the number of its production platforms to lower costs (Slack, Chambers and Johnston, 2010). But inspite of this reduction, the company has been able to produce many models of cars. This indicates the efficiency, and innovative practice in the production department. Further, the company has made improvements in its assembly line production facilties. New technology has been employed constantly. The company has been aiming for growth in the markets of its products. But this growth has not come at the price of unlimited costs. The efficiency of the production department has helped to keep the costs down even as more ambitious new product offerings were developed and made in the company. The production department at Ford Motors has taken the lead in implementing innovative practices like establishing warehouses where the suppliers could deliver automobile parts, leading to reduction in costs. Further, by using special kinds of steel and aluminium in production, the strength of vehicles has gone up and weight has gone down. The production department has taken the lead in promoting a culture of innovation in the company and also inspiring the other departments. Conclusion and recommendations Ford Motors has been able to do well in the highly competitive automobile industry in different parts of the world. The credit for this success also goes significantly to the fact that the company has been able to offer automobiles to its customers, which are good on different fronts like quality, variety, affordability, comfort, storage capacity, etc. The company has been able to make such products as a result of its continuous efforts to improve processes and equipment in its departments (Gong, 2013). The company has been able to put into effect a well thought out operations strategy to meet enterprise objectives. Ford Motors also needs to look at the future if it wants to achieve continuous growth. The company has to beat the competition in United States Of America and increase its market share there. But the company also needs to take steps to expand its markets in the emerging economies of the world which have huge potential. The environment and needs of customers in these count ries are different and the company has to meet the challenge to develop and sell its products in these countries to sustain its global growth. References Campbell, D. , Edgar, D. and Stonehouse, G. (2011). Business Strategy: An Introduction. United Kingdom: Macmillan Publishers Limited. Ford Motor Company (2016). Annual Report. Available at: (Accessed: 13 July 2016). Ford Motor Company (2016). Innovation. Available at: (Accessed: 13 July 2016). Ford Motor Company (2016). Sustainability Report. Available at: (Accessed: 13 July 2016). Ford Motor Company (2016). Vehicles. Available at: (Accessed: 13 July 2016). Gong, Y. (2013). Global Operations Strategy: Fundamentals And Practice. United Kingdom: Springer. Kourdi, J. (2015). Business Strategy: A Guide To Effective Decision Making. 3rd(edn.) United Kingdom: Profile Books Limited. Krajewski, L. , Ritzman, L. and Malhotra, M. (2013). Operations Management: Processes And Supply Chains. United Kingdom: Pearson. Mathis, R. , Jackson, J. and Valentine, S. (2016). Human Resource Management: Essential Perspectives. 7th (edn.) United Kingdom: Cengage Learning. Monizka, R., Handfield, R. , Giunipero, L. and Patterson, J. (2016). Purchasing And Supply Chain Management. 6th (edn.) United Kingdom: Cengage Learning. Slack, N., Chambers, S. and Johnston, R. (2010). Operations Management. 6th (edn.) United Kingdom: Pearson. Warner, S., Schuler, R. and Jackson, S. (2012). Human Resource Management. United Kingdom: South Western Cengage Learning.